Angkor Wat adventure with Sovann Koth

The Best Angkor Wat Adventure Starts with Sovann Koth

Unique Angkor Wat and Siem Reap experience

Hello and welcome to Angkor Wat, the largest Temple complex in the world. My name is Sovann Koth and I am a professional tour guide, licensed and accredited by Cambodian Ministry of Tourism. Having lived my entire life in Siem Reap, the closest to Angkor Wat and the fourth largest city in Cambodia, I am the best suited person to show you around. With more than 10 years experience and hundreds of more than satisfied customers, a tour with me will guarantee a memorable stay and unique adventure.

Unparalleled service

All tours feature free bottled water, free airport transfers and endless amount of fun. Add my knowledge and experience to this, and you know you can’t find a better guide. All tours can be tailored to your specific needs and I am more than happy with last minute changes. It’s all about you! This is why parents travelling with children can rest assured that their loved ones will be comfortable.

I take great pride in my customers’ satisfaction. I stay in touch with most of  the people I showed around, long after they have gone back to their home countries. I consider befriending my customers as the best feedback I could ever receive.

Are you ready for unforgettable adventure?

With tours ranging from bicycle trips, through relaxed family days exploring ancient temples, all the way to intensive and/or luxury tours to variety of destinations, you will never get bored! Fluent command of English, Spanish, Japanese and (surprisingly) Khmer allows me to provide my services to people who don’t speak English.


You would expect a professional of this level to charge premium. I understand that you had to pay expensive flight charges to get to my country. I won’t charge you extra only because you are foreigner, I have several years of experience and I can speak your language. Affordable prices and your friendship is a reward in itself.



  1. My friends and I had a great time touring with Sovann almost 2 years ago, I have sent many a friend to tour with him and everyone has had a great time. If you are going to Angkor, you should let Sovann show you around

    • Sovann Koth /

      Hi Allan,

      Thank you very much for your kind words and a great review at TripAdvisor. It means a lot to hear about you enjoying the trip with me and for me to be your friend.


    • My friends and us spent three blissful days in Siem Reap made possible by our guide, Sovann Koth. Sovann was a great guide for us, very knowledgeable in the history of Cambodia, explained the details of the site, can point out good spots from which to take pictures and is very pleasant to work with. We truly appreciated our time with Sovann and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to tour Siem Reap and beyond.

  2. had a great tour, he is easy going, intuitive and a cool guy. We didn’t want constant babble like so many guides, so Sovann was mellow and let us explore and then added value at just the right time. We had a couple of beers after to watch the sun go down over the temple, perfect

    • Sovann Koth /

      Hey Scott,

      Thank you for sharing your experience with others. It was as good experience for me as it was for you and I hope we can meet again in the future.

      Good luck,

  3. Trevor /

    My father and I hired Sovann last February for the Angkor Watt tour, and i can honestly say that Sovann is a very professional guide, with a great sense of humor. He was very helpful giving us the facts of the many, many temples, but also he was able to bring us to some temples where the average tourist may not visit, which was nice. I would recommend Sovann to anybody who is looking tours or info on the area, because his knowledge is vast, and he can make you laugh even when the temp. is 45*c!

    Thank you Sovann!

  4. Sovann is a fantastic, cheerful guide. We hired him to tour our family for two days, and it was a wonderful experience. He had the knowledge that my wife and I wanted, and also the patience and sense of humor one needs when traveling with two young children. And his prices were more than fair. We highly recommend him during your stay in Siem Reap.

  5. Sovann was excellent guide to tour through the temples and floating market. He makes the adventure of being a tourist fun and has all inside knowledge of many things being born and raise in the area. I would highly recommend him.

  6. Edward /

    Sovann was my tour guide in Feb.2011,he showed me the most fantastic sights of Angkor Wat and the surrounding area.He is very knowledgeable about his country and what it has to offer.After a day of touring he would then show me the best places to eat and have fun,not as a “tour guide” but as a friend. I will never forget my time spent with Sovann. Thanks Sovann you have given me memories that will last a lifetime.

  7. David /

    Sovann took great care of us for the three days he was our guide. He was knowledgeable about the history of the area and was very helpful in pointing out the best photo opportunities. He was very pleasant and we would recommend him as a guide.

  8. Kermit /

    My wife and I had a great 3 days traveling with Sovann. He tailored his itinerary to fit what we were looking for, and we were able to find corners of temples that were away from the crowds. The day hiking around Beng Melea in particular was fantastic. We definitely would recommend a trip with Sovann.

  9. We hired Sovann in January 2013 to visit the main temples of Angkor as well as the floating village of Kampong Khleang and we had a great time with him. He is very knowledgeable as well as funny and nice. His thorough knowledge of the principles, traditions and legends of Buddhism and Hinduism made the experience very interesting.

  10. We have hired Mr Sovann for visit Angkor temples he is superb knowledge about all the place and about the history of temples. We have really enjoy with Sovann. He is a nice person as well as knowledgeable guide